tullamore d.e.w
June 26, 2019

Once South Africaʼs beloved supplier of printers and copiers, Nashua has today evolved into a total workspace provider looking to solve the needs of SMEʼs.

Nashua couldnʼt get past its strong printer and copier legacy. They were looking to reeducate their franchises and inform their customers of their new positioning as total workspace providers.

We repositioned, rebranded and relaunched the brand with the strategic statement of ‘More Thanʼ. More Than is a rallying call to challenge the customerʼs understanding of the brand – it takes Nashua further than merely selling products to actively helping customers achieve goals and dreams, and to help them ‘find their more.ʼ

In the new CI, the concept of More Than was symbolised in the iconic visual symbol of the surge. The surge is the starting point of More Than and at the heart of everything we do – always moving, always progressive.

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