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November 20, 2019
November 20, 2019


We established the Roche Diagnostics AmpliCare initiative as a purpose driven, sustainable brand that has the power to uplift and benefit all stakeholders, including Roche itself.



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At the world’s leading provider of in vitro diagnostic tests, Roche Diagnostics is committed to positively impacting human lives through the power of knowing. Along with a proud tradition of innovation in healthcare, Roche Diagnostics is also dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for the challenges posed within resource-limited regions.

This dedication resulted in the creation of the AmpliCare initiative. Established in 2002, AmpliCare was Roche Diagnostic’s pro-active response to the need for access to diagnostic/monitoring tools for high-burden diseases in the world’s least developed countries, starting with HIV/AIDS.


Roche Diagnostics wanted to maintain its market leadership position by leveraging the success of its AmpliCare initiative.

Yet despite testing more than 6 000 000 infants for HIV, monitoring over 16 000 000 patients for viral loads, training more than 3000 healthcare professionals, opening 60 molecular testing centres across Sub Saharan Africa and establishing country-changing public private partnerships, no one in the Roche Diagnostics stakeholder chain; from staff to healthcare professionals, policy makers, NGO bodies and patients, knew what AmpliCare was. It was the greatest story never told.

the solution

The Roche purpose is to improve people’s lives, doing now what people need next. And by giving people answers today for a healthier tomorrow, Roche Diagnostics, through its Amplicare initiative, gives people the power of knowing.

Through the power of knowing more people live richer, fuller, healthier lives, and more impact stories are enabled, which led us to our big idea ‘Live your story’.

‘Live your story’ allowed us to engage with multiple stakeholders and get stories from different perspectives i.e. stories from employees, laboratory staff, healthcare professionals, policy makers, partners and of course the patients themselves.

The ‘Live your story’ campaign started as an internal campaign, which allowed staff to engage and show their impact on the AmpliCare initiative. The campaign then spread to a broader audience via conferences throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. These conferences showcased a multitude of collateral that told the impact stories of patients, laboratory staff and healthcare professionals from across the continent.

In the midst of doom and gloom stories regarding Africa, this AmpliCare campaign created a bright ray of positivity – inspirational, feelgood stories that all stakeholders could proudly engage with and take ownership of.

the results


Staff awareness and buy-in – NPS 40


Engagement with 5000+ laboratory scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals, policy makers at conferences


Start of AmpliCare community in Africa


Creation of global database of over 3000 images with real recipients

“The concept and idea developed by the team was on-point and spoke to the heart of our Initiative – the patient. The idea of building a brand around a positive story of the patient and the impact that diagnostics has had on their lives, was a previously untold story. The collateral, imagery and thread running through the AmpliCare brand clearly speaks to our drive coming straight from purpose statement and gives motivation and purpose to every single employee.

The engagement strategies we have developed out of this campaign have set us apart and we are on a journey to keep us ahead of the pack.

Shabnam Zavahir, Product Manager, Roche Molecular Diagnostics.