We helped establish Roche Diagnostics as the number one supplier of HIV diagnosis by positioning Roche as the thought leader in the category.



Brand Building




Brand Strategy


Roche Diagnostics has been at the forefront of efforts to reliably diagnose and treat HIV infection since 1986. The company is the market leader in HIV early infant diagnosis and viral load testing, and continues to innovate for the direct benefit of all stakeholders namely, patients, clinicians, administrators and program funders.


Roche Diagnostics is introducing a whole new generation of instruments (the cobas® 4800, 6800, 8800) for HIV testing and more, which are bigger, better, faster and more cost effective. This transition will mark the next step in the evolution of molecular testing and will render the older (cobas® Taqman and cobas® AmpliPrep) instruments that the laboratories have been using obsolete.

The new instrument application can also be extended to other high burden diseases such as hepatitis, TB and HPV i.e. they can go beyond HIV.

The client was looking for something that would set Roche apart as a thought leader in the category to its customer base of private and public laboratories across Sub Saharan Africa.

the solution

You can’t be a thought leader without showing new thinking and innovation. And we knew that just going with the usual, easily forgotten desk drop paraphernalia of brochures, mugs, pens and other promo items would certainly not accomplish that.

So instead of giving customers ‘stuff’, we gave them something infinitely more valuable, useful content in the form of the Future Society app.

This app provides laboratory staff, laboratory decision-makers and clinicians with useful content that relates to HIV/AIDS testing (and beyond), the latest molecular advances and innovations, social impact including the UNAIDS 90:90:90 goals, new thinking, exclusive talks from thought leaders within the field, industry news and of course new technology i.e. the new instruments.

The app was launched with a focus on HIV/AIDS, but phase 2, which is currently in development, will focus on the other high burden diseases as well as troubleshooting and stakeholder perspectives. Future expansion of the app will include community forums and ‘Ask an expert’ tools.

the results


30% app take up on soft launch of app


More that 300 new users identified for phase 2 of app


Strong interest shown by initial app users, with requests for even more content

“The label of “thought-leader” is one that every company strives for and sets you apart from companies in a field where health products are becoming more commoditised. This aspect of being differentiated from the others, is captured succinctly in this application. Putting knowledge and content in the hands of the user is empowerment, and there is considerable buy-in by the end-user to be independent and informed.

This customer engagement platform will continue to drive value for us many years into the future.

Shabnam Zavahir, Product Manager, Roche Molecular Diagnostics.