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Biodx is a South African biotechnology company that produces a sustainable range of powerful, safe, cost effective disinfectants and preservative solutions that work with nature, not against it. Breaking the chain of dependency on synthetic chemical solutions, Biodx offers revolutionary solutions for the food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, manufacturing and mining industries.


After 12 years of intense research and development, Biodx was ready to evolve their R&D focus to a fully commercialised international R&D and marketing business. But in a world of cheaper, synthetic chemical alternatives, why would anyone care about an unknown and seemingly more expensive solution?

the solution

Insights derived from target market research indicated an appetite amongst companies authentically driving triple bottom line to invest in a solution that could leave the world a better place. So we focused on shifting Biodx’ thinking away from selling products to selling a belief system – through a process of discovery, facilitation and co-creation we unlocked their purpose, and its value.

We then visually articulated their ethos of problem solving for the greater good into a comprehensive corporate identity, organised sub-brands into a cohesive architecture and created a sales collateral toolkit that empowered the sales team.

The next step was a go-to-market strategy that clearly outlined the way forward for targeting and multiple routes to market. A key part of the strategy was education, building the business case for earth-friendly disinfectants and establishing the brand and its CEO as a thought leader in the industry.

Unlike its competitors, Biodx has a clear purpose: to relentlessly enable a better world; and this purpose has aligned and engaged staff, raised confidence with investors and the board, and attracted new customers.

We are currently supporting this purpose driven brand on the verge of international expansion into EU markets.

the results


Unlocked existing and new investor funding


Grew customer base by 300%


Grew sales pipeline by 400%


Attracted new distribution partners


Attracted offer to purchase by listed multinational

“Unagency catalysed a shift in our thinking back to our core – reinforcing the value of our belief system for the journey we’re on.

They have redefined the real meaning of partnership and together we’re unlocking a far greater global opportunity for impact.”

Burt Rodrigues, CEO Biodx