#unleashed 2019
July 2, 2019

And why brand building agency, Tribalfish become unagency.


As Simon Sinek famously said ‘People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.’

Increasingly consumers are looking for more than a product. They view their purchases as extensions of their identity and beliefs, and as such are drawn to strong, purpose led brands that share their values.

Which of course makes purpose critical to brand preference and business growth.

Businesses that are all about products and profit will soon have no relevance. And neither will the branding agencies that service them.

Which made us stop and think, ‘are we dying?’

As Tribalfish we started off as an agency dedicated to undoing, unlearning and unpacking in order to help our clients find their purpose.

But along the way we got seduced by the lure of money over relevance, caught up in the daily grind of servicing clients, paying bills and keeping the doors open.

We forgot why we started this.

We forgot what first fed our passion.

We forgot our own bloody purpose.

So we fired some clients, restructured to become more relevant, rebranded to create fresh energy, and now we know exactly who we are.

We’re unagency.

An unconventional, uncommon and unorthodox agency whose purpose is to help others find theirs.

Because the brands we really love are the ones whose purpose ignites us, they make us feel like we belong, that we are part of their story and they are a part of ours.

And at unagency, those are the purpose driven stories we tell.

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